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March 29, 2010

Ménage à huit

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  1. I do not understand this.

    French wordplay? (I do not understand French language.)

    “Ménage” should mean “household”, “housework”, “housekeeping” or “married couple”; “à” is preposition and “huit” means “8”.
    But I do not know, what does usually mean “Ménage à huit”.

    Comment by Rudolf Dovičín — March 30, 2010 @ 7:59 am

    • The title is a play on “Ménage à trois” which is an expression used for sexual relations involving 3 people. (“Huit” is French for “8”)
      The joke is based on the circus cliche of the very tiny car that a large number of clowns come out of, only this time they’re all hiding behind the tiny screen covering Prometheus and his wife.

      My apology for any confusion experienced by the readers.

      Comment by prometheuscomic — March 30, 2010 @ 9:59 am

      • Thank you for your explanation. 🙂

        Comment by Rudolf Dovičín — March 30, 2010 @ 10:04 am

      • Whew! That’s a relief. The image that struck me was that they were all coming out of PROMETHEUS, somehow (and somewhere), and all I could think was…eewww.

        The fact they’re clowns make that image all that much worse.

        Comment by Altair IV — March 31, 2010 @ 2:03 am

  2. Are the clowns MEN?
    Prometheus is gay!

    Comment by Jack — April 9, 2010 @ 4:02 am

  3. The sign should say “Conjuggled Visit” … maybe. hee hee!

    Comment by planetross — April 9, 2010 @ 5:10 pm

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