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December 28, 2010


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Can anyone answer this fellow’s question? I’m not familiar with how ipods/phones work:

“Hey Weinstein, I’ve switched to doing my daily comic reading on my iPod and yours is one of two or three comics whose iPhone version is pretty unreadable. The text gets too small and there’s no way of zooming in. Do you have a way of fixing it?”



  1. The problem is that WordPress knows that it’s talking to an iPhone, and “helpfully” sends a special version of the webpage especially made to fit on the iPhone — unfortunately, the method it uses to fit the page on the iPhone kills the user’s ability to zoom the page.

    Solution #1. Turn the iPhone sideways. Safari will automatically reformat the webpage to fit the wider screen. This makes the dialog quite readable on my iPhone 4. However, the screen of the iPhone 4 is four times as good as the screen on most other smartphones, including older iPhones, so this may not be an adequate solution if it is not an iPhone 4.

    Solution #2. Once the webpage has loaded, tap on the strip. That will load the naked JPEG file without the webpage holding it, which, can be readily zoomed in all the usual ways.

    Comment by John Woodruff Kennedy — December 29, 2010 @ 12:27 am

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